Top 4 Best Rice Cooker brands in India

Rice is one of the most important parts of Indian cooking. Everyone consumes rice almost every day in India. Even South Indian communities like Tamils, Malayalees, and Kannadigas consume rice more than North Indians.

In order to meet the needs of rice cooking, we have listed the best rice cooker brands to prepare different types of rice dishes in the given time and without watching over them. Most of them come with advanced features like safety micro switch, cool touch handle, tempered glass lid, non-stick inner pot, and other features. You can rest assured with value for money with precise control.


Panasonic offers huge range of kitchen appliances to meet all your needs. They are the market leaders in offering automatic rice cookers. Every product Panasonic offers comes with different accessories and sizes. They come with good after sales service and warranty.

All products from Panasonic are designed by considering the needs of users, with great savings in effort, time, and money. These products are most admired and futuristic in the market. Panasonic automatic cookers are made of best quality food-grade material CRCA and lid is made of stainless steel. The anodized aluminum is used to make cooking pan which is very durable.


Prestige is the leading brand in India offering kitchen appliances. It caters to diverse needs of Indian homemakers. It has diverse portfolio in offering different appliances like non-stick cookware, pressure cookers, rice cookers, and so on. Prestige Rice Cookers can cook the entire menu, such as soup, porridge, stew, idlis, and steam veggies in a stress-free and convenient way. These are indispensible appliances with advanced features.


Cooking delightful rice dishes was never easier with Bajaj rice cookers. It doesn’t need any expertise. It is easy to use and handle. Bajaj rice cooker features aluminum cooking bowl as well as anodized body for easy heat absorption and saving time. It has cool touch handles to carry the cooker without any burns. The vent on the stainless steel lid allows the flow of excess steam for added safety.


You can cook raw rice efficiently and quickly with United Rice Cookers. It is made of premium quality food grade material with which it is safe and easy to use. It has durable anodized steel lid. The pans are made of top quality anodized aluminum. It has cool touch exterior and handles. You can also lock the lid safely.