How to apply Voter Id Card Haryana Online

If you are the citizen of Haryana and want to cast votes in the next elections, then it is necessary that you have the Voter ID card. If you don’t have the voter ID card or you have misplaced it, then you can choose to get the Voter ID card by following the simple steps available on the online website. You will receive the Voter ID card sitting at your home after you will register for it on the online website.


  • You should be the resident of Haryana if you want to get the ID card of Haryana.
  • Only the citizen of India can apply for the Voter Id card and the NRIs can also apply for it if they haven’t got the citizenship of any other country.
  • The age should be more than eighteen years old.

Documents required

There are some documents which you will need to submit along with eh application form and here is the list of important documents:

  • Copy of age proof
  • Copy of resident proof
  • Passport size photographs.

The process to apply for the Voter ID Card online

  • Go to the website and then go the option from where you can fill the form for registering the Voter ID card.
  • You will need to fill up the form with the correct details and then submit it along with the necessary documents.
  • After submitting the form, you can get the reference number with the help of which you can keep checking the voter id application status.

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