Best time to visit Gokarna: Things to know before you go

Gokarna is famous for its beautiful beaches and the well-managed beauty of its surroundings. Many travellers visit Gokarna, and if you want to get the best experience, then you should come here in offseason. Well, the off-season is meant for travellers and the peak season is for tourists.

So, it is your choice if you want to be a traveller or a tourist. Well, there are many things that you should know about Gokarna, and its weather to get the best experience.

Best Time to Visit

Gokarna is the best location, and the best thing about it is that you can get there throughout the year. But to get the best experience one should travel    between October to February so that you can get rid of the chills at your place with a perfect hot gateway in Gokarna beaches.

The other months are not at all recommended as in monsoon it gets pretty bad with numerous rains and stormy weather all the time. In summer, this place gets really hot, and it is not at all fun. During the monsoon, you cannot get to the beaches because of the rains, and that is why the best weather starts from the October month.

However, you can join the Shivratri fest that held in March, and one cannot afford to miss this thing ever. Make sure that you check on to the exact dates or you can get a reference for the same by calling some hotel like Kahani Paradise House in Gokarna. In a nutshell, you should get to Gokarna in winters as to get rid of winters and enjoy the summers again.

How to get there?

Gokarna is well connected, but the beaches and the beauty take much effort from your side. To explore Gokarna like a traveller, one has to trek up to some beautiful places such as paradise beach and many more which will take your heart away. The nearest airport to this place is Dabolim, Goa and from this place, you can get a taxi here, and it is just a 4-hour drive to Gokarna from there.

Gokarna is well connected by train stations, and you can get on Konkan Railways station which is a 15-minute drive away, or you can get to Kumta and Ankola which are a perfect alternative to the others. Even you can board a bus from major cities such as Madgaon in Goa, and Mangalore and Bangalore to Gokarna.

Things to Do

If you are planning to get to Gokarna, then there are some things that you cannot miss. Here is a list of these things that can add pure fun to your whole trip.

Parties and Nightlife

Gokarna is a holy palace, and that is why the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. However, you can get a hold on some cold beer in the parties, and the nightlife is full of rave parties in peak season.

A Trek to Paradise Beach

If you miss the paradise beach near Luxury Villa in Goa, then you haven’t indeed visited Gokarna. There are many things that you can get to see in here, and this place is just perfect to experience the last rays of the sun on a beach.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

The Mahabaleshwar temple is one of the ancient shrines of this place, and it is said that this place is full of positive energies. One can feel the good vibes around, and a visit to Mahabaleshwar temple is must if you ever get to Gokarna. These are the things that one should never miss on a Gokarna trip.