Amazing facts on Indian Railways

Due to large population in the country Indian Railways provide better way of transportation in all the way to different parts of the country. Indian Railways ranks second in the world according  to his size with nearly 121,407 kilometres of track over a 67,378 km route. Half of the train routes are modified with electricity of 25 KV AC traction while thirty percent are double or multi tracked. The Indian Railways is subsidised by IRCTC next gen.

  1. During British period the first train ran from Bombay to Thane on 16th April 1853.
  2. The distance of full track rail is one and half times the equator.
  3. The first railway track was built by two Indians I.e. Jaganath Shunkerseth and Jamsetjee
  4. Indian Railways is monopoly as it is fully maintained by government of India.
  5. The maximum stop of any train is Howrah Amritsar with 115 stops.
  6. Indian Railways carry minimum of 25 million passengers every day.
  7. Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh has the largest platform in the whole world.
  8. Being the fastest train in India, the New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi express runs at an average speed of 91 km per hour with its top speed at 150 km per hour.
  9. The nation’s slowest train is the Nilgiri Express that runs on an average speed of 10 km per hour.
  10. Srirampur and Belapur are two stations present in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. As they are in the same location, they have a same railway route. However, they have opposite trails.

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